How to Set up the Easy WP SMTP Plugin on WordPress

Setting Easy WP SMTP plugin to send emails from your WordPress website

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To use SMTP for sending emails on your WordPress website, you'll need a plugin. We recommend the Easy WP SMTP plugin, as it's easy to set up and work with.

Start by installing the Easy WP SMTP plugin on your WordPress. Once you activate it, you'll be headed to an onboarding process. Click on Let's Get Started, and follow the steps 👇

Step 1 – Choose Your SMTP Mailer

Select Other SMTP:

Choosing an SMTP mailer in the Easy WP SMTP plugin

Next, click Save and Continue to move on.

Step 2 – Configure Mailer Settings

Enter the SMTP values of your email service. If the Auto TLS toggle appears, click on it to disable it.

Leave the Authentication toggle on to enable authentication and fill in the mailbox information:

  • SMTP Username – the email address you will use to send emails from

  • SMTP Password – it will be the password of your email address

  • From Name – the name of the sender; if you want this setting to override any other names, enable the Force From Name toggle

  • From Email enter the same email address as in SMTP Username; leave the Force From Email toggle enabled

Step 3 – Email Features

By default, the Improved Email Deliverability and Email Error Tracking features are enabled and cannot be disabled.

Optionally, you can have a weekly email summary, as well as other premium options. Select the desired ones and move to the next step.

Step 4 – Feedback (Optional)

Optionally, you can enter an email address for notifications, as well as allow the plugin to track usage data for improvement. You can choose to skip this step.

Step 5 – Enter License Key (Optional)

If you have purchased an upgrade for the plugin, enter the license key and click on Connect. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Step 6 – Verification

The plugin will run a check that all the details are correct. If you get a "Congrats, you've successfully set up Easy WP SMTP" message, you're good to go. Now you'll be able to send emails from your WordPress website using your email account 📬

You can choose to send a test email or finish the setup to go back to your WordPress administration panel.


  • The test message will be sent even if you get a notice that DMARC has not been set up on your domain

Fixing Possible Errors

Most of the time, errors are caused by incorrect mailer settings in the plugin. In that case, it's recommended to reset your password and configure the settings once again. To do so, navigate to Easy WP SMTP Settings on the WordPress administration panel:

The Easy WP SMTP Plugin Settings option on the WordPress administration panel

If you've verified that the data entered is correct, but the issue persists, check if your email services are enabled.

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