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How to Change the Language on a PrestaShop Website
How to Change the Language on a PrestaShop Website

Changing the language on PrestaShop

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You can set up the language of your PrestaShop online store by downloading and applying the corresponding localization pack. Go to your Prestashop Administrator Panel, scroll down on the sidebar and click on International → Localization:

The Localization option in Prestashop's International Parameters

Next, select your country from the list and check the boxes of the information you want your store to use, such as states, taxes, currency, and language. Once it's good to go, click on Import:

The Import a localization pack on PrestaShop Administrator Panel

After a few moments, the pack will be ready. Now you can change the language by scrolling down to the Configuration section and selecting the Default language from the list:

The default language language option and change it by selecting from the dropdown list

To finish, click on Save to apply the changes. The language will now be available in your store in the language selector area:

If you want to use only the new language, you will need to disable all others on the Languages tab:

The Languages tab showing how to disable a language

After all other languages are disabled, your shop will load only in the preferred language 😊


  • This configuration will change the language of your online store – if you need to change the Prestashop Administrator Panel language as well, click on the avatar icon → Your profile, select the language and click Save

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