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Website Builder: How to Accept Donations
Website Builder: How to Accept Donations

Learn how to accept donations using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

Below are the main steps to accept donations using Hostinger Website Builder 👇

Step 1 — Enable the eCommerce Platform

To enable the eCommerce platform, follow this guide: How to Enable eCommerce Features on Your Website

Step 2 — Set up Payment Methods

You can enable two types of payment methods on your website: online payments and manual (offline) payments.

To set it up, access your store management area and go to the Store settings Payments.

Step 3 — Create a Donation-Type Product

  1. In the store management area, go to Products, and click Add product

  2. Choose the product type: donation

  3. (Optional) Upload product images

  4. Enter the product title, e.g., Donation — it's automatically used as the meta title of the product page

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  6. (Optional) Add a product ribbon

  7. (Optional) Add the product description

  8. Specify the price, i.e., the donation amount — it can't be discretionary or set to zero; the minimum product price is 1 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies)

  9. (Optional) Add product options to allow users to select the donation amount, e.g., €1, €2, €5, etc.:

  10. (Optional) Assign a product to a category

  11. Save the product

Step 4 — Display the Product on Your Website

Once you create a product, the product page is created automatically. However, the product is not automatically displayed on your website. To display the donation-type product on your website, use product sections.

Finally, remember to update your website.

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