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Website Builder: How to Use a Store as a Catalog
Website Builder: How to Use a Store as a Catalog
Turning an online store into a catalog
Updated over a week ago

You can easily make a catalog out of your online store by hiding product prices, Add to bag buttons, and the product quantity picker 💡

Hide Product Prices & Add to Bag Buttons

To hide prices and Add to bag buttons, copy the code below:

button.grid-button.grid-button--primary.block-product__button.block-product__button--primary {
display: none !important;

Paste the code into the integrations settings Custom code, and update your website.

Hide the Product Quantity Picker

To disable the quantity picker, complete the steps below 👇

  1. Click on the product section and select Edit section in the top-right

  2. Disable the toggle in the Product quantity tab:

Disabling product quantity picker in the product section settings

Finally, update your website for the changes to reflect online.

You may also insert additional sections into your product pages and add more elements there, e.g., a contact form for your clients' inquiries 💡

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