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What Is Managed WordPress?

Learn the definition of Managed WordPress

Updated over a week ago

Managed WordPress is a specialized hosting service that is designed specifically for websites built on the WordPress platform. It goes beyond just providing server space and includes additional features and services that make managing a WordPress website easier and more convenient.

The term managed means that the hosting provider takes care of the back-end and basic administrative aspects, e.g., WordPress installation, software updates, security, backups, and performance optimization. The rest – from the idea and design to SEO, marketing, and more technical aspects – is managed by the website owner. This type of hosting comes with a user-friendly interface and allows website owners to easily manage their site's settings, install plugins and themes, and make other modifications.

Our managed WordPress hosting includes the following functions and tools:

  • WordPress installation

  • WP-CLI tools for manual WordPress management

  • AI tools for generating content and websites

  • Automatic website migration tool

  • WordPress automatic updates

  • WordPress acceleration (LiteSpeed)

  • Object cache

  • On-demand backup

  • WordPress staging tool

  • WordPress multisite feature

  • Advanced WooCommerce optimization

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