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How to Enable Website Monitoring
How to Enable Website Monitoring

Receiving email notifications about website vulnerabilities and HTTP errors

Updated over a week ago

If you manage websites for your clients, you can get notifications for vulnerabilities or HTTP errors on both your websites and your clients' from your account.

To enable this feature, log in to your hPanel, click on the profile icon in the top right, and select Account Information:

Scroll down to the Communication permissions section to find the Email notifications if a website experiences any issues option.

Click on the arrow next to Apply to websites and select the websites you want to receive the email notifications for. When all is good to go, click on Save changes.

Error Notification Details

Upon activation, email notifications will be sent to your account's registered email address for the websites you manage (whether owned by you or your clients) in the following scenarios:

  • On WordPress-based websites: if a vulnerability related to plugins, themes, or the WordPress core is detected

  • For HTTP 500, 503, and 404 errors on any CMS except for websites created using Hostinger Website Builder

This way you can anticipate and troubleshoot your client's websites efficiently, ensuring continued service and enhanced security.

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