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How to Connect to VPS Using SFTP
How to Connect to VPS Using SFTP

Connecting to a VPS using the secure file transfer protocol

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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a reliable method for transferring files securely between your local machine and your virtual private server (VPS). This guide will walk you through the steps to connect to your VPS using SFTP, ensuring a secure and efficient file transfer process.

Choose an SFTP Client

To connect to your VPS via SFTP, you'll need an SFTP client. Here are some popular options:

Download and install the client that best fits your needs.

Configure Your SFTP Client and Establish the Connection

Open your SFTP client and configure it to connect to your VPS:

  • Host: enter the IP address of your VPS

  • Username: enter the username of your VPS (e.g., root).

  • Password: provide your password; if you're using an SSH key, follow your client’s process to use it

  • Port: the default SFTP port is 22

Once you've entered your credentials, click on Connect or Login in your SFTP client.

If it's your first time connecting, you may receive a security prompt. Verify the details and accept it to proceed 💡

Upon successful connection, you'll see your local files on one side of the SFTP client interface and your VPS files on the other.

Tips for Effective SFTP Use

File management: organize your files in appropriate directories on your VPS for easier management.

Regular backups: regularly backup important files from your VPS to your local machine.

Security practices: always disconnect from your SFTP session when you're done to maintain security.

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