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How to Use the Moodle VPS Template
How to Use the Moodle VPS Template

Getting started with the Moodle VPS template

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Moodle is a widely used open-source learning management system (LMS) that provides educators and learners with robust tools for online learning and collaboration. With Hostinger's Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Moodle VPS template, setting up a Moodle environment is streamlined, as it comes with Moodle pre-installed. This guide will help you get started with Moodle on your VPS.

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Accessing Moodle

Open a web browser and go to https://[your-VPS-hostname]/admin — make sure to replace [your-VPS-hostname] with the hostname of your VPS"

Logging into Moodle

Use admin as a username and the password you entered when installing the template.

If you want Moodle to run on your domain, point your domain to a VPS IP address, change the server hostname, and reinstall the template.

Configuring Moodle

Upon first access, Moodle will ask to change your admin account details:

Changing Moodle admin account details

Creating Courses

In the Moodle dashboard, navigate to the My courses section to start creating your online courses:

Here, you can add learning materials, quizzes, assignments, and other educational resources to your courses.

Enrolling Users

In Site administration Users, create user accounts for learners and educators. You can also enable self-registration for users:

The "Site administration" → "Users" section in Moodle

You can easily assign roles (e.g., student, teacher, or manager) to users for course access and management.

Customizing Your Moodle Site

Choose and customize Moodle themes to align with your branding or preferences in Site administration Appearance:

The "Site administration" → "Appearance" section in Moodle

Explore and install additional Moodle plugins to extend the functionality of your site!

For more detailed instructions and support, always refer to the official Moodle documentation 💡

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