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How to Fix the “Search Refused” Error at
How to Fix the “Search Refused” Error at

Understanding and fixing the “Search refused” error

Updated over a week ago

This error occurs whenever identifies that the domain is not resolving to the DNS servers (nameservers) entered. This usually occurs when the domain is not added to a hosting plan or when a customer has only an email plan.

Here's how to fix it 👇

If You Have a Hosting Plan

  1. Make sure your domain name is added to your hosting plan; refer to this article for more details

  2. If your domain is already added to a hosting plan, reset the domain's DNS zone, and it should resolve the issue

❗Changing the account service provider and transferring the domain to us will not solve the Search Refused problem! Changing your service provider at the registry is exclusively for registering/renewing and/or transferring/moving a .br domain. ❗

If You Only Have an Email Plan

Identify the email service linked to your domain, and add the MX records of that email service to your domain's DNS zone at For the MX records required for each email service, see below:

After making these changes, wait up to 24 hours for the DNS propagation to be completed.

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