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What Are the MX Records for Hostinger Email?
What Are the MX Records for Hostinger Email?
Locating the MX record values for Hostinger Email in hPanel
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MX (Mail Exchange) records indicate the mail servers that handle the incoming email messages for your domain's email accounts. If you are using Hostinger Email, you need to set the MX records on your domain to the following values:


Value (Mail Server)






You can also check the default MX records by navigating to the Emails section of your panel, clicking on Manage next to the domain name and choosing DNS settings on the sidebar. Scroll down to the Manage Email Delivery section and click on the downward arrow left to MX:

The Manage Email Delivery section on hPanel showing how to display MX records


  • After making any changes to your domain's DNS records, allow up to 24 hours for propagation to complete. Then you will be able to use your email

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