Even though you have an SSL certificate for your website, your visitors will not use HTTPS if HTTPS:// connection is not forced. You can simply fix that by opening SSL → Manage:

And clicking on Force HTTPS in front of the domain in question:


  • All certificates, installed via hPanel, force HTTPS by default

  • Before forcing HTTPS, make sure that your website works without issues (access it by adding https:// to URL). You might need to fix a mixed content first

  • If your certificate becomes invalid (expires) while you have a website forcing HTTPS, your website will be unavailable. No worries, Lifetime SSL certificates s from Hostinger are active as long as you use our hosting 💪

Unforcing HTTPS (making HTTP available)

If you would like to disable HTTPS for your website and make it work via HTTP instead, all you need to do is unforce HTTPS on the same SSL management page:

After this, your website will be accessible by both HTTP and HTTPS.


  • For SEO purposes, having a website available by one URL is better. HTTPS version is preferable for SEO as well

  • If you want HTTP version to be a default one and HTTPS to redirect to HTTP, you can set up a redirect in hPanel

  • If you would like to fully delete the SSL certificate, you can uninstall it

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