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How can I redirect my HTTP site to HTTPS and vice versa?
How can I redirect my HTTP site to HTTPS and vice versa?
Forcing and unforcing HTTPS connections to your website
Updated over a week ago

As soon as you successfully install an SSL certificate for your website via hPanel, HTTPS will be forced by default, and your visitors will use HTTPS:// connection.

If you would like to disable HTTPS for your website and make it work via HTTP instead, open SSL → Manage:

And click on Unforce HTTPS. This will make HTTP available:

To revert back to HTTPS, on the same SSL management page choose Force HTTPS:

If you want HTTP version to be a default one and HTTPS to redirect to HTTP, you can set up a redirect in hPanel


  • If your website presents issues after installing SSL, you might need to check for mixed content

  • If your certificate becomes invalid or expires while you have a website forcing HTTPS, your website will be unavailable. Good news is Lifetime SSL certificates from Hostinger are active as long as you use our hosting 💪

  • For SEO purposes, having a website available by one URL is better. HTTPS version is preferable for SEO as well

  • If you would like to fully delete the SSL certificate, you can uninstall it

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