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How to Force HTTPS on WordPress Websites
How to Force HTTPS on WordPress Websites

Fixing a WordPress website that loads by HTTP only

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For both security and SEO reasons, it's recommended for all websites to load using HTTPS — that is, the secure version of HTTP, which is the underlying protocol used for transmitting data between a web server and a user's browser.

If your WordPress website fails to load with HTTPS altogether, or if the website appears distorted when accessed via HTTPS, you can fix it by following these steps 👇

Step 1 — Install an SSL

If you have a Web or Cloud hosting plan, Lifetime SSL is automatically installed on all your websites, and HTTPS is forced by default. Alternatively, you can use a custom SSL.

If you have a VPS, make sure to install an SSL for your website according to your operating system instructions before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 — Update the WordPress URL

Log in to your WordPress admin area and click on Settings in the left menu:

The Settings meunu option on the WordPress Admin area

Next, update URLs from HTTP to HTTPS in the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields:

The WordPress General Settings showing where to update address URLs to force HTTPS

Scroll down and save the changes: your website will load now with HTTPS.

Step 3 (Optional) — Check for Mixed Content

If your website design appears “broken” after updating the URLs to HTTPS, follow this guide: How to Fix the Mixed Content Error on WordPress.

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