How to create email forwarders?

To create forwarders for your emails, open the Emails → domain name → Forwarders page and click on Create a forwarder:

In the opened window you will be able to choose a mailbox, from which emails will be forwarded, and insert an email address, to which these emails will be sent. By default, a copy of emails is sent to the original recipient’s email account:

How to manage email forwarders?

You will see all already created forwarders in the Manage Your Forwarders section. If some email addresses have several forwarders set up, you will see them all grouped under the ↓ arrow:

To manage an existing forwarder, just click on the ⋮ button in front of the original email account:

If you want to stop saving copies or start having them, just open Settings, change the toggle's status, and save changes:


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