There are 2 ways on VPS to ensure your server has a “save point” - those are backups and snapshots. Restoring your server from them takes only a couple of clicks - however, keep in mind, that restoration from backup or snapshot will overwrite all the data. This change is not reversible.

How to manage VPS backups?

To check your backups, open the VPS dashboard, choose the server:

And open the Snapshots & Backups page from the left menu:

There you will see all available backups.

How to restore the server from backup?

On the Snapshots & Backups page, find the backup which you wish to get restored to, and click on Restore:

Your VPS will be locked while the restoration is in progress.

What to do if I want more frequent backups?

If you want daily backups, you can order them on the same Snapshots & Backups page:

If the last backup was created less than 24 hours ago, and you need a fresh one before performing some major changes, you can create a snapshot instead.

How to manage VPS Snapshots?

Unlike backups, you can have only 1 snapshot at a time. Also, snapshots are not created automatically - you can create them manually.

To create a snapshot, open the Snapshots & Backups page and click on Create Snapshot:

After being created, your snapshots will be displayed above backups:

You can either use the snapshot for restoration or delete the not-needed snapshot. Snapshot will be deleted automatically after 20 days.

Keep in mind that your snapshot will be lost if you change your VPS operating system.

That's it! Now you know how to manage your VPS backups and snapshots 😊


  • After the restoration, your server will be brought back to the state it was at the moment of backup/snapshot creation. All the changes that were done after the backup/snapshot date will be reverted

  • Backups or snapshots cannot be downloaded directly, although you can use FTP to download the files to your computer

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