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What to Do if You Cannot Access Your Website
What to Do if You Cannot Access Your Website

Troubleshooting a website that cannot be reached

Updated over a week ago

There can be a few different reasons why your website may appear offline, and for most of them, the solution is very simple. One of the first things to check is your local device or internet connection, which is known as a cache issue.

Most devices store some data locally, which improves the website speed. However, sometimes instead of the functioning website being stored, an old error or outdated content is kept instead. In this case, your device is showing incorrect content while the website itself is working properly.

To rule out any cache-related issues, try the following steps:

  1. Check on an incognito window or a different browser on your device

  2. Try a different device as well as a different network, eg. use your mobile phone with mobile data (instead of wifi)

  3. Use a proxy website, such as or

  4. Check how your site appears in other locations with GeoPeeker

  5. Restart your modem/router

In case your website is working via any of the previous options - it is a great indication that the issue is local and the rest of the world can see your website just fine.

To solve this issue, start by clearing your browser cache. If it persists, try flushing your DNS. If you still encounter local issues after that, you can try using Google's public DNS.

If these measures show that the issue is spread across other devices and connections, check our Status Page for any ongoing maintenance on your server.

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