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Website Builder: Why Don’t the Changes Show on the Website?
Website Builder: Why Don’t the Changes Show on the Website?

There are several reasons why your changes might not be visible online

Updated over a week ago

There may be several reasons why changes are not visible on your site created with Hostinger Website Builder 👇

You Haven’t Updated the Website

If the changes aren't saved and updated within the website builder, they won’t be visible online. After making any changes within the editor, click on the Update website button in the top right corner:

Updating the website in Hostinger Website Builder

You're Having Cache Issues

Clear the cached information in your browser, network, and/or DNS system, and restart your internet router and/or device.

You may also try accessing your website using:

  • Incognito (private) browser window

  • Another network: Wi-Fi vs. mobile data

  • Other devices: laptop, tablet, mobile

You've Been Editing the Website Using Multiple Browser Tabs or Devices Simultaneously

If the website builder is open in several browser tabs or devices simultaneously, the changes may not be saved properly. Thus, the content may not be updated properly, either.

Make sure there's a single editor tab open, update your website again, and check if the changes reflect online.

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