Yes, you can, via our Auto Installer feature :) You can choose a script to install on your account automatically, such as Wordpress, Joomla and many others free of charge!

Access the Auto Installer menu found in the Website section via your account's hPanel to start. There you can either use the search box to look for a specific script name like WordPress or choose from all of the available scripts on the same page.

Once you choose a script, you will be taken to the setup page. Usually, you have to choose the Admin username and password there, as well as the name of your website. You can also choose the URL that will be used for that script - leave it empty and the script will be installed directly into your website's root (main) folder.

Click on Install once finished filling out the required information and the installer will do the rest for you! All required databases will be also automatically created and configured to your script :)

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