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How to Install WordPress on CyberPanel
How to Install WordPress on CyberPanel

Installing WordPress via Application Installer on CyberPanel VPS

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If you want to install WordPress on your website, and you are using CyberPanel, you can install it in a matter of a few clicks. For this:

Open Websites List Website, and click Manage next to the website, which you want to install WordPress for:

Scroll down to the Application Installer section and choose WP+LSCache:

On the opened page, insert the installation details:

  1. A title for your website

  2. Username, which will be used to log in

  3. A strong password

  4. Administrator email address

  5. If you want the installation to be done to the custom directory, insert a path. If you want WordPress to be installed to your root directory, just leave Path empty


  • All these parameters, except for the login username, can be changed later

After all the data is added, click Install Now - your fresh WordPress installation will be ready in a couple of minutes. You can access the WordPress dashboard on: https://domain.tld/wp-admin, replacing domain.tld with your domain name.

After the successful installation, clear your browser cache to ensure you are getting the latest version of your website.

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