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How to Use the Hosting Dashboard in hPanel
How to Use the Hosting Dashboard in hPanel

Getting to know the Hosting dashboard and easily manage your hosting account from one place

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If you want to see and manage all the aspects of your hosting account in one place, you can do so by clicking on Websites → Manage next to your domain:

You will be directed to a complete dashboard with the following sections:


You will find all the options to manage your hosting plan in this sidebar. It includes a domain selector to ensure you're managing the right domain.

To see the options, click on the arrow to the left of each category. You can also use the search bar for fast access to a specific option. To go back to the hosting section, click on Dashboard:

Main Options

Here you will find shortcuts to manage the following:

  • Hosting plan: displays the name of your current plan and click on See details to check your hosting, server and FTP details, upgrade your hosting plan, and change the server location

  • Domain: manage your domain's contact information by clicking Manage if your domain is purchased your domain name at Hostinger. If your domain is pointing to Hostinger by nameservers, you can manage the DNS zone as well.

  • Email: displays your current email service - click on Manage to access the email management section

  • Daily backups: you will see if it's enabled in this area, as well as access the Backups section of your panel by clicking Manage

Additional Sections

  • Performance score: it will show the result of the last page speed analysis for your website. Click on Ruun speed test to access the Page Speed section of your panel.

  • File Manager: click for easy access to manage your website's files using the File Manager

  • Databases: access the Database section of your hPanel to create, manage and delete databases

  • WordPress Overview: if your website is created with WordPress, you can reach the WordPress administration panel and other options by clicking here. If you're not using a CMS, you will see a shortcut to the Auto installer instead.

  • Website safety: shows the result of the latest malware scan for your website. Click on See details to reach the Malware Scanner section of your panel.

  • Website status: this area will show tips on how to improve your website. For example, if your domain is not connected to Hostinger, you will find the recommendation and instructions on how to point your domain

That's it! Now you know how to manage all of your hosting options and get the most relevant information at a glance!


  • The hosting dashboard is not available for websites created using the Website Builder

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