Website speed is the key factor in determining website popularity. Google recommended page load time is under two seconds. Why: about 50% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Several factors can cause the slowness on your website, in most cases, it comes down to these things:

Let’s go over each one of them 😊

Server maintenance

We are constantly improving and upgrading our servers, and for this reason, we perform regular server maintenance. In some cases, it might affect your website’s speed.

If your website suddenly slowed down, it’s worth checking for any ongoing maintenance, as that can impact your website’s performance. In this case, you don’t need to do anything, just give it a little time until maintenance is over and your website speed returns to normal.

The physical distance between you and the server

The bigger the distance between you and the server, where the website is hosted, the longer response time you may expect. To solve this, we recommend setting up a CDN for your website. It works by keeping multiple copies of your website’s data in proxy servers worldwide, thus improving your website speed for visitors no matter their physical location.

Although, for example, if you and your target audience are from the USA and chose a server in Asia, CDN might not be able to help much. For that, we recommend using our hPanel server transfer tool and transferring your hosting to a closer location 😊

Exceeded order usage

If the resources' usage by your website is high, it will perform slower until the usage decreases.

We recommend checking your order usage frequently, and if you see that it’s constantly or regularly high, refer to this article for solutions: Order Usage is showing that hosting plan limits were reached.

Lack of caching system

To put it simply, web caching stores data in a server for future reusing, thus improving your load times drastically. CDN such as Cloudflare solves this issue partly. For best results, we recommend leveraging browser cache, using a caching plugin such as LiteSpeed Cache (WordPress) along with Cloudflare, which will give you the best performance possible 🚀

Poor website optimization

Website optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of your website’s speed. You can analyze your website directly through hPanel by using the Page Speed feature.

You can also use external tools for this purpose:

Poor optimization of database queries

Optimizing how queries are made, seeking only the essential data, or limiting the query results is the way to go when it comes to query optimization. There are tools that help in this matter, like EverSQL as well as help forums, here is an explanatory topic about this. Although this is quite a complex topic, if you are not feeling comfortable, we would suggest you contact developers before proceeding.


  • SQL Management is only available on VPS plans

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