The bigger the distance between you and the server, where the website is hosted, the longer response time you may expect. Luckily, we do offer a variety of server locations that you can choose from!

Before you proceed, make sure to check:

How to initiate a server transfer?

You can select the server location after purchase during setting up your order. If your hosting account is already activated, you can change your server location by navigating to Websites → Manage, search for Details on the sidebar and click on it:

In the Server Details section, click on the edit button:

Then you’ll be asked to select the desired location. You may also see our recommendation on which DC should suit your websites the best, based on your sites' visitors in the past 30 days:

Click Next, double-check the information about the transfer, press Start - and the transfer will begin 🛫

Keep in mind that you can only transfer your hosting once per month!

Do you need to change the server location?

When considering server location change, think of these topics:

  • Analyze your target audience: where do you expect the most visits from? Are they far from the server the website is located at? You can see the detailed information on the Access Logs page

  • If you have visitors all over the world, the better solution for you is CDN. It works by keeping multiple copies of your website’s data in proxy servers worldwide, thus improving your website speed for visitors no matter their physical location. This greatly improves SEO and offers additional DDoS protection

  • If the majority of your visitors are coming from a location that is very far from your server location - you do need a server transfer for a better performance

What happens during the transfer?

Please be aware of these things before initiating the transfer:

  • Your hosting IP will be updated

  • hPanel will be locked to prevent any changes during the transfer

Does it affect you?

It affects you if you are pointing your domain to Hostinger by A record (for example, if your domain points to Cloudflare). If your domain is pointed to Hostinger by Nameservers, you don’t need to do any edits.

Please note that any DNS changes trigger propagation, which can take up to 12 hours to fully propagate. Your website might be unavailable during that time!

It also affects you if you are using the hosting account’s IP for the FTP connection. Make sure to use the new IP (will be sent to you over email and available in hPanel after the transfer is completed).

Also, if you have any API or scripts that have IP specified, you will need to update the value there as well.

  • Transfers can take up to 4 hours to complete, although if DNS changes are required, propagation can take up to 12 hours

When transferring, plan your time accordingly and keep in mind that hPanel will be locked during the transfer, so any changes will be unavailable.


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