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What Are the Requirements for Registering a New Domain?
What Are the Requirements for Registering a New Domain?

Meeting all requirements to register a new domain at Hostinger

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At Hostinger, you can easily purchase a variety of new domains. Even though the process is quite straightforward, some requirements still apply:

Terms of Service Compliance

Each new domain registered at Hostinger is checked by our security systems. All of these domains need to comply with our Terms of Service. This means that any offensive, trademarked, or suspicious domains will go through additional checks.

Correct Contact Details

When registering a domain, it is required to use correct and valid contact details. This is particularly important when registering ccTLDs (country-specific domains such as, .in, and so on).

Once a domain is registered, the domain registries will review the information, and it needs to be up-to-date. For this reason, in some cases, we may ask for verification documents, such as:

  • Registrant Photo ID (Govt. issued Passport/Driving License/ID card)

  • Address Proof (Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Other utility bills)

  • Phone Number Proof (Telephone bill)

  • Proof of Incorporation

  • Any government-issued certificate that validates business conducted using the domain name

Domain Registration Agreement Compliance

According to our Domain Name Registration Agreement, you are responsible for the following:

  • Keeping your contact details up to date at all times

  • Complying with all applicable laws while using the domain, such as privacy, data collection, and consumer protection laws, among others

  • Using the domains for legitimate purposes only: avoid deliberately malicious behavior such as distributing malware, phishing, piracy, trademark infringement, etc.

Failing to comply with these points can result in domain suspension or deletion.


  • In case you opt to refund your domain, be sure to check our Refund Policy

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