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How to Get the EPP Code From Bluehost
How to Get the EPP Code From Bluehost

Acquiring EPP/Auth code from Bluehost

Updated over a week ago

If your domain name is registered in Bluehost, and you want to transfer it to Hostinger, you can obtain the EPP code by contacting them or by following the below steps in your Bluerock control panel:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost account, and go to the Domain area

  2. Click the Manage option for the domain you will transfer

  3. Choose the Security tab

  4. Scroll down to the Transfer Authorization / EPP Code section

  5. Select an email address, and click Send Code

After completing the steps above, you'll receive an email with your domain authorization code.

While you're in the Bluerock control panel, disable domain privacy protection (if enabled), too.

Now, your domain is ready for transfer 😊


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