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EPP (Auth) Code
How to Get the EPP Code From HostGator
How to Get the EPP Code From HostGator

Acquiring the EPP/Auth code from HostGator

Updated over a week ago

If your domain name is registered at HostGator, and you want to transfer it to Hostinger, you can obtain the EPP code by unlocking the domain. To do so, follow these steps 👇

  1. Log in to your HostGator Customer Portal and go to the Domains menu

  2. Select the domain name you wish to transfer

  3. Choose the Domain Locking option from the sidebar

  4. Toggle the locking button to the off position to unlock the domain

  5. Click on Request Your EPP Key to obtain your Auth code

  6. Once you copy the EPP code, click on Save Domain Locking in order to keep the domain unlocked

After completing the steps above, you'll obtain your domain authorization code and disable domain privacy protection.

Now, your domain is ready for transfer 😊


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