Transferring your domain to Hostinger is a great solution to have all your services in one place! In this article we will show you:

  1. What to check before starting the transfer

  2. How to initiate the transfer

  3. What to do with the transfer errors you might see

  4. Bonus: should I change nameservers before or after the transfer?

Step 1 - Check-up before you start the transfer

Before you initiate a domain transfer, make sure that:

  1. You have full ownership and control of the domain name that you want to transfer to us

  2. The domain name is older than 60 days and is active (not suspended by the registry, not in the Redemption period)

  3. The domain was not transferred between registrars within the last 60 days

  4. You have a valid EPP/Auth code from your current registrar. You might need to contact your registrar's support to receive the code

Step 2 - Initiate the transfer

To initiate the transfer, all you need to do is:

  1. Unlock your domain from the current registrar. You might need to contact your registrar's support to unlock the domain

  2. Open the Hostinger Transfer Domain page (or Transfer Domain if you already have a Hostinger account)

  3. Insert your domain name and click on Transfer

  4. Proceed with the payment

  5. Enter the EPP code

  6. Choose whether you want to keep your current DNS records and initiate the transfer

Once you finish the order, the transfer process will be initiated. You will receive an email regarding the domain transfer, make sure to confirm it!


  • After the transfer, your domain will be renewed for 1 year! This applies to generic TLDs (gTLDs) and does not apply to ccTLDs such as, .es,, etc. If you wish to know for sure if the domain will be renewed for 1 year after the transfer, contact our Customer Success team

What to do if you receive an error?

If you received some kind of error while ordering domain transfer, don't worry, we have everything covered!

Error message

What to do?

Seems like this domain is available for registry. Would you like to register it?

The domain you inserted is currently not registered by anyone. Make sure to check the spelling, there might be a typo. If the domain name is correct, you can just proceed with the purchase

Domain is locked and cannot be transferred

The domain is still locked on the registrar's part. Please unlock it, you might need to contact support for that.

If you unlocked your domain recently, it might take up to a couple of hours for a change to take place

Sorry, this top-level domain cannot be transferred to Hostinger at the moment

We currently don't support this TLD. No worries, you still can use this domain at Hostinger by pointing it to our servers

Should I change nameservers before or after the transfer?

Nameservers determine where your DNS Zone is managed from. During the transfer process, which usually takes up to 7 days, it is not possible to update nameservers.

If you want the domain to be pointing to Hostinger, choose that option during the transfer process. This will provide you with the ability to host files, use emails, and see all the latest changes to your website hosted at Hostinger while the domain is still transferring.

If you are okay with domain pointing elsewhere while the transfer is happening, choose to keep your current nameservers - you can update nameservers after the transfer.


  • To transfer a domain, you need to change your domain's IPS tag. You can do that by contacting your current domain's registrar. Please ask them to set your domain IPS tag to REGISTRAR-EU

  • If you want to transfer the domain from one Hostinger account to another, you can easily move it

  • Alternatively to domain transfer, you can point your domain to Hostinger

  • If you have a website created and hosted elsewhere, you can migrate it to Hostinger with a help of our team 💪

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