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How to Upload Backups With the Import Website Feature
How to Upload Backups With the Import Website Feature
Uploading a backup using the Import Website feature on hPanel
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If your website files are on a compressed archive with .zip, .tar, or .gz format, you can easily upload them using the Import Website feature!

To upload your backup, open Websites → Manage. In the left sidebar, search for Import Website, and click on it:

The hPanel sidebar showing to select Import Website

Once there, click on Choose a file to select your .zip, .tar, or .gz archive:

The Import Website page showing thow to upload a file on the supported formats

Next, click on Import - your archive will be uploaded and extracted to your public_html folder automatically!


  • The maximum allowed size for uploading a file using this feature is 256MB

  • If you want to upload a larger file, it's recommended to use the File Manager or an FTP client

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