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How to Upload Backups at Hostinger
How to Upload Backups at Hostinger

Uploading your website's backups

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If you possess a backup of your website on your local device and wish to transfer it to your hosting plan, follow these steps to upload the files and databases:

File Upload

Choose the most suitable method from the following options based on your requirements:

  • Import Website - This option is perfect for a single archive in .tar, tar.gz, or .zip format, with a size below 256MB. It automatically unpacks the archive in the public_html folder of your domain

  • File Manager - With an increased upload limit of 100GB, use this method for larger files. You will need to manually extract the archive after uploading

  • FTP client - If you have several files to upload or large archives exceeding 100GB, FTP is recommended. Remember to follow your FTP client's instructions for unpacking the archive

  • Using SSH - For files larger than 100GB, this is the ideal choice if your hosting plan is Web Premium or above. You will require to unpack the archive after uploading.

Database Upload

If your website uses a database, for example, if it is built with WordPress, you will need to upload your database as well. You have two options:

  • Via phpMyAdmin - Suitable for databases up to 256MB in size

  • Via SSH - An excellent option for larger databases when your hosting plan is Web Premium or above

These methods will help you upload your website, whether you have developed it locally or if you have generated your website backup from a different provider.

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