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How to Create Multiple Logins to Your Account for Friends or Customers
How to Create Multiple Logins to Your Account for Friends or Customers

Creating additional FTP, email, and database accounts for your friends or colleagues

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If you wish to grant access to your domains or the whole hosting plan, you may use the Account Sharing feature. This option provides access to all the addon domains and hPanel settings (like subdomains, redirects, etc.).

If that option is not suitable for you, we have an alternative. As most websites consist of three core elements – files (FTP), emails, and databases – you can grant access to each of these areas separately.

FTP Accounts

One FTP account is always created by default once you set up your hosting plan. This FTP account grants access to all of your domains and files that are hosted under those domains. If you wish to limit access to a specific domain's files, you can create additional FTP accounts.

For example, you are creating an FTP account for domain.tld, then you would need to specify the directory as /home/u123456789/domains/domain.tld/public_html.

Email Accounts

Accessing webmail or adding your email account to devices or email clients requires login details. For this reason, you can create separate email accounts for your friends.

MySQL Accounts

You can create MySQL users via the Databases section on hPanel and provide the DB name, DB user, and DB password details to your friends. They will be able to manage the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin, which can be accessed from the browser directly – find the link in the section Databases PHP My Admin:

The link to access phpMyAdmin directly in the browser

If you manage services for your clients and are looking for an integrated solution, check our Pro Panel!

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