Your email accounts can be easily managed with the help of the Email Accounts section, which can be found in your control panel. Just open Emails → domain name. You will see an Email Accounts page:

How to create an email account?

​In order to create a new email account simply click on Add email account at the top of the page:

Insert the email address, password and click on Create:

If you want to create an email account for a subdomain, first choose it from the list at the left part of the page (subdomain needs to be created first):


How to manage email accounts?

Email Accounts section provides you with the general information about your email account’s usage, quick jump to Webmail, and Options button:

If you click on ⋮, you will see the following options:

  1. Change Password

  2. Settings

  3. Create Forwarders

  4. Create Alias

  5. Create Automatic Reply

  6. Create Catch-All

  7. Delete

Once you equip your email account with any of the additional features (for example an email alias or forwarder) it will be displayed right below your email account:


  • Email account deletion is not reversible, if the email account was deleted, all emails previously stored in the account are permanently erased with it

That’s it, now you have a professional-looking email account for your business!

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