Your email accounts can be easily managed with the help of the Email Accounts section, which can be found at your control panel. Just open Hosting → Manage:

​​Scroll down and you will see Email Accounts section:

​In order to create a new email account, you just need to insert the name, choose a password and click on Create:

If you want to create an email account for a subdomain, just choose it from the drop-down list (subdomain needs to be created first):


Email Accounts section provides you with three buttons:

  1. Button to open your webmail client

  2. Email account’s settings

  3. Button for deleting your email account completely


  • Email account deletion is not reversible, if the email account was deleted, all emails previously stored in the account are permanently erased with it.

That’s it, now you have a professional-looking email account for your business!

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