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If the Hostinger brand where your account is located (eg. Hostinger.com, Hostinger.co.uk, etc.) is enabled, you can make purchases at Hostinger using PayPal if you have a card connected to your PayPal account.

You can check the available payment methods for your account here: What are the Available Payment Methods at Hostinger? Just head to the section for your brand, and you will find a detailed list of accepted payment methods 😊

To pay with PayPal, you only need to go to the cart and choose it as a payment method during checkout:

The Hostinger cart checkout page showing to select PayPal


  • If the PayPal option does not appear in the cart, it means that it is not supported on your brand – to proceed with the purchase, please choose a different payment method

  • Payments with PayPal balance are not supported

  • You can also add a PayPal account to your Hostinger profile – this will make future purchases more convenient

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