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How to Pay with PayPal on Hostinger
How to Pay with PayPal on Hostinger

Using PayPal as a payment method at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

There are two main requirements in order to pay with PayPal on Hostinger:

After meeting these requirements, follow these steps to pay with PayPal:

  1. Go to the Hostinger page, select your desired service, and proceed to the checkout

  2. Select PayPal as your payment method:

    The Hostinger cart checkout page showing to select PayPal

  3. Click on the PayPal Checkout button

  4. Enter your PayPal email address and password

  5. Select the payment options within PayPal and complete the payment

After successful payment, your PayPal details will be added automatically to your Hostinger profile – this will make future purchases more convenient 💡

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