Is Java Supported at Hostinger?

How to host Java-based applications at Hostinger

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There are two programming languages that, while having a similar name, have different purposes and features:

  • JavaScript - JavaScript is a client-side scripting language mainly used for front-end web development. It runs directly in the web browser, adding interactivity, form validation, and dynamic content manipulation to your website.

JavaScript is fully supported on all of our hosting plans at Hostinger.

  • Java - Java is an object-oriented programming language commonly used for building specific applications, such as desktop applications, web servers, and Android apps, among others.

Running Java servlets and server pages (JSP) requires permissions, configurations, and installations that ask for root access to the hosting environment. Since root access is not available on our Web and Cloud hosting plans, the alternative is a virtual private server (VPS).

If you're definitely interested in using Java, check our VPS plans, where you will be able to use JavaServer pages! 🚀

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