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Can Chat Scripts Be Used at Hostinger?
Can Chat Scripts Be Used at Hostinger?

Hosting online chat services at Hostinger

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A chat script is a helpful tool for real-time communication and interaction between users, between users and a chatbot, or a live chat agent. These scripts allow visitors to engage with customer support, seek information, or perform specific tasks by exchanging messages.

At Hostinger, you can use some of the most common chat scripts on all of our hosting plans such as chatbox or shoutbox. If your chatbot is based in PHP and/or JavaScript, you can use it on our Web and Cloud hosting plans.

Alternatively, you can consider hosting your chat script on one of our VPS plans in the following cases:

  • A high volume of users that could benefit from dedicated resources

  • The chat script is based in Ajax or other technology not supported on our Web or Cloud hosting plans

  • You want to host an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) system

VPS is a self-managed hosting solution. You will be responsible for installing, configuring and updating your chat scripts and related resources 💡

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