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How Many Cron Jobs Can You Set Up?
How Many Cron Jobs Can You Set Up?

Hosting limits for Cron Job creation at Hostinger

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Cron jobs are a powerful tool that can be used to automate tasks on your website. They allow you to schedule tasks to run at specific times, such as sending out email newsletters or updating your website's content.

At Hostinger, our web hosting services fully support cron jobs. The number of cron jobs that you can create depends on your hosting plan:

  • For Single hosting - Maximum of two cron jobs

  • For Premium hosting and above - Unlimited

When setting up cron jobs, it is essential to consider both CPU and memory limits. If you need to create a significant number of cron jobs, it's recommended to schedule them avoiding simultaneous runs that could lead to performance issues.

If you have a Single plan and require more than 2 cron jobs or notice increasing resource demands for executing all your cron jobs, you may want to consider upgrading your hosting plan. This will provide you with the flexibility to set up as many cron jobs as needed and a smoother operation! 🚀

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