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Can Background Processes Be Executed via SSH?
Can Background Processes Be Executed via SSH?

Running permanent or temporary background SSH processes at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

If you have a Shared, WordPress, or Cloud hosting plan, you can easily create a scheduled task directly from your hPanel!

A cron job will perform the task or script automatically according to the scheduled time. You can manage the cron jobs on your account following this guide: How to Set up a Cron Job at Hostinger.

In case you require more customization for your scheduled processes, such as a specific time or access to edit crontab, this is supported on our VPS plans 😊

Please note that any background processes you schedule will increase the resource usage of your account, such as CPU and RAM. In case you reach some limits, you can temporarily terminate all processes:

  • For hPanel, go to WebsitesManage → Resource Usage, scroll down, and click on Stop running processes:

The stop running processes option on hPanel

Additional resources:

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