At Hostinger, we do provide daily backups with the majority of our hosting plans - the only plans that have weekly backups instead are:

  • Shared Single

  • Shared Premium

  • Single WordPress

  • WordPress Starter

  • VPS plans

If you want to have daily backups on one of the mentioned plans, you can easily order them via hPanel: just open Hosting Manage:

In the Files section, click on the Backups button:

And click on the Add Daily Backups:

Daily Backups for VPS can be activated via the VPS → server in question → Snapshots & Backups page:


  • If you don't have daily backups, your backups will be generated weekly

  • On all Shared and WordPress plans, you will get Daily Backups if you upgrade your hosting plan (to Shared Business/Business WordPress or above)

  • To create a manual backup, check this article: How to create backups at Hostinger?

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