How to create backups?

Backups can be made by accessing your Backups option under the Files section:

Once you click on it, you will be presented with all the types of backups that were made:

To make a backup simply click on Select near Generate new backup section. Once that’s done, give it some time and your new Files and Databases backups will be made!


  • Keep in mind that if you have a lot of websites, generating backups for them can take longer

  • You can generate a new backup once every 24 hours

How to download backups?

To download any of generated Files, simply specify a preferred date and click on Prepare to Download:

Give it some time and once it’s ready - click on Download all files:

A similar process applies when downloading generated Databases, choose your preferred database, date, click on Prepare to Download, wait for a little and click on Download:


  • Keep in mind that the bigger backup you are preparing the more time it will take to be ready

  • If the download button doesn't work for you, try right-clicking on it and opening it in a new tab

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