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Transfer domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .uk Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .uk Domain to Hostinger
Changing the IPS tag for .uk,, and domain transfers
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While an EPP or Auth code is needed for transferring most domains, some TLDs, such as .uk, have different requirements that need to be taken into consideration in order to transfer successfully. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 - Check-up Before You Start the Transfer

Before you initiate a domain transfer, make sure that you have full ownership of the domain name, that it is active and older than 60 days, and that it has not been transferred within the last 60 days.

Step 2 - Initiate the Transfer

To initiate the transfer:

  1. Open the Hostinger Transfer Domain page (or Transfer Domain if you already have a Hostinger account), insert your domain name and click on Transfer

  2. Proceed with the payment

  3. Choose whether you want to keep your current nameservers or use Hostinger nameservers

Once you finish the order, the transfer process will be initiated. You will receive an email regarding the transfer – make sure to confirm it!

Step 3 - Change the IPS Tag

After initiating the domain transfer, you will need to change the domain's IPS tag to the following value:


This can be done by contacting your domain registrar - the company that you purchased the domain from 😊

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