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How to Migrate Emails to Google Workspace
How to Migrate Emails to Google Workspace

Transferring your email messages from Hostinger Email to Google Workspace

Updated over a week ago

If you used Hostinger Email and then purchased the Google Workspace email service, you can migrate the content of your previous mailboxes by accessing your Workspace webmail.

If you used a different email service than Hostinger Email, you can follow the same steps to import your emails, ensuring you use your mail server configuration details instead (step 3 below) 💡

Once there, click on the top right Settings icon ⚙️ and select See all settings. Next, go to the Accounts and Import tab, locate the Import mail and contacts section, and click on Import mail and contacts:

The Import mail and contacts option in Google Workspace mail settings

In the pop-up window, enter the following information:

  1. The email address you want to import from, e.g., name@domain.tld

  2. The password for your previous email address

    • POP Username: the full email address, eg. name@domain.tld

    • POP Server:

    • Edit the port and set it to 995

    • Mark the checkbox for Use SSL

      The sign in options to import email
  3. Click on Continue to select the desired import options, and when all is good to go, click on Start import

Once the import process is completed, all your messages will be available in your new Google Workspace email account.

If you cannot locate the Import mails and contacts option, make sure to enable it from the Google Workspace admin control panel 💡

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