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Why redirect loop happens after SSL installation and how to resolve it?
Why redirect loop happens after SSL installation and how to resolve it?
3 ways to fix the endless redirect problem
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After you install an SSL certificate for your domain, to ensure that all your website’s visitors go through a secured connection, we force the website to use HTTPS by default.

Sometimes, it might cause a redirect loop, if some similar or conflicting redirects were already created. For example, you have a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, and right after that - a redirect from HTTPS to HTTP. This will create a loop. No worries, this article will help you to solve ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, caused by the fresh SSL installation 😊

The most common cases for redirect loop:

Reason 1 - Conflicting or duplicating redirects

If you have created any redirects manually in your .htaccess, one of them might be the reason. To check it, temporarily disable your .htaccess file (by renaming the file) and open the website from incognito mode. If the website starts working - manually check all redirect rules you have in the file, enabling them one by one, that will help you to locate the conflicting one. You might need to contact your website developer for this.

The other option would be checking the hPanel redirects section, as some redirects can be created there.

Reason 2 - Wrong Cloudflare settings

If you are using Cloudflare, an incorrect SSL communication type or disabled Universal SSL might be the reason. You can find this value in the SSL/TLS tab, as SSL/TLS encryption mode.

To check Universal SSL, make sure to log in to your Cloudflare dashboard. You will find Universal SSL at SSL/TLS tab → Edge Certificates:

Reason 3 - Home WordPress URL in the database is wrong

If your website is WordPress-based, a redirect loop might be created by incorrect URLs in your database. To check it, open your website’s database via phpMyAdmin, and reach the wp-options table:

There check the values on siteurl and home, they should be with https:// in front:

If they are not, please update them to https:// - and your website will start working properly.

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