During DNS zone propagation you will see our notification "Your domain is not pointing to our name servers". The same happens if you have recently pointed a domain to Hostinger. This is because it can take up to 24 hours for a new domain to start working globally.

Before the domain is fully activated or pointing to Hostinger, most features (website, e-mail, FTP) will not work. In the meantime, you can start building your website and see changes immediately by using one of these features:

Preview website

A Preview domain for your website will be created automatically during the new hosting order activation. You can find it by going to Websites → Manage:

The preview website link will look like this:


Where domain-tld is your domain name including the TLD with a dash (-) instead of a period (.)


  • The preview domain URL is available for 14 days after setting up your account or adding an addon domain

  • Hosting plans purchased with some payment methods may not include this functionality

Edit hosts file

Another option is to edit your device's hosts file. All you need is to open your hosts file and add these lines: www.domain.tld domain.tld

Where is your hosting account’s IP address and domain.tld - your domain name. You can find your IP address at WebsitesManage Details, in the Website details section:

Use a temporary URL

A preview URL can be also obtained at any time with the SkipDNS tool, using the following data:

  1. Your hosting account’s IP address: you can find it at WebsitesManage → Details, in the Website details section:

  2. HTTP and HTTPS ports: enter 80 as the value for both

  3. Live URL: enter your domain name

Once the preview URL has been created, click on Open and select Proceed with the proxy in the next step.

That's it! Now you know three ways to see your website while the domain is propagating 😊

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