STEP 1 - Gather details

If you have more than one WordPress website, you will need to know which database the website is using. In case you got only one WordPress website, you can skip this step. To check the database, go to HostingManage, search for File Manager on the sidebar and click on it:

Select your domain folder and open wp-config.php:

There you find the Database name and Username, save it as you will need it later:

STEP 2 - Restore backup

All there is left to do now is to restore actual backups. Since it's a WordPress website, you will need to restore your Files and Database from the same date backups.


  • In case the database was deleted, you will need to create it again before the restoration

  • After the restoration, your website will be brought back to the state it was at the moment of backup creation. All the changes that were done after the backup date will be reverted

  • If you only have a database backup, it's possible to restore the site from it too

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