If you have a WordPress website and wish to roll it back to a previous date, you can easily do it with the Restore Website feature! It will revert both the files and database to a date of your choosing.

You can reach this function from your panel on Websites → Manage, search for Backups on the sidebar and click on it:

The Backups option on Hostinger hPanel sidebar

Once on the Backups sections of your panel, select Restore Website:

The Restore website option on the Backups section of Hostinger hPanel

Scroll down to the dropdown list - you will be presented with the 5 most recent backups for you to choose from. Pick a preferred date and click on Restore.

You will see a warning regarding data overwrite. If you're ready to replace the current website, check the box and click Restore:

The restore all files and databases window with overwrite warning

After a few minutes -depending on the size of your website- the files and database will be restored!


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