You can restore your WordPress website in less than 20 minutes using our amazing backups section.

Go to Hosting section:

Press on the Hosting plan:

In case you have more than one website in your File manager, you’ll need to know which database your WordPress is using, to check it you’ll need to find your wp-config.php file which can be found following 4 simple steps:

1st step - Locate file manager in hPanel:

2nd step - Go to File manager:

3rd step - Locate the file wp-config.php:

4th step - Save/copy your database hostname and username:

Well done! You’re halfway through!

Let’s go ahead and restore the backup

Locate backups section in hPanel:

Once you click on it, you will be presented with all the types of backups that were made.

It will be divided into 2 categories (MySQL database and Website files), you will need both if you have a WordPress website or other CMS that uses a local database connection.

Restoring files

Click on Restore files, select the date, and click on Show files. It will load all your content from that date.

Navigate through the folders and select which one you want to restore and click on Restore files, the system will start the process and send a notification once it's done:

  • select public_html to restore your whole website

  • If you are restoring a subdomain, make sure to select the subdomain folder

Restoring database

Click on Restore database, then select the database that you want to restore (from wp-config.php) and click on Show databases:

Scroll down and you'll be able to see all available backup dates from that database, select your desired date and click on Restore, the system will start the process and send a notification once it's done.

Well done! Your website was successfully restored to the date you’ve chosen!

Take care and don’t forget to use your own password!


  • After the restoration, your website will be brought back to the state it was at the moment of backup creation. All the changes that were done after the backup date will be reverted

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