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How to Renew a Domain Before Its Expiration
How to Renew a Domain Before Its Expiration

Renewing an active domain at Hostinger

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We highly recommend renewing a domain at least a few days before it expires to prevent any website downtime and lost sales. To manually renew your domain purchased at Hostinger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your hPanel's Billing section.

  2. Click on the Renew now button next to your domain order:

    The Billing Subscriptions section showing how to renew an active domain
  3. In the pop-up window, you can review the price and other useful information.

  4. Click on Choose payment method to complete the domain renewal process.

In most cases, you can renew your domain at any time. However, a few domain extensions (TLDs) only allow renewal within a specific timeframe, such as 27 days or less before the domain's expiration date. In these cases, the Renew now button will be disabled until the domain enters the renewal period.

You only need to wait, and the option to renew your domain will become available as soon as possible.

Alternatively, enable the Auto-Renewal option, and the domain will be renewed automatically! 💡

Domain Renewal Period

The minimum period for domain renewals is one year. However, some TLDs allow for longer renewals – two or three years. If that is the case for your domain, you can change your billing cycle by activating the automatic renewal first.

The expiration date after renewing will start counting from your domain's original expiration date, regardless of the date of renewal payment. This means you can renew your domain in advance without losing any days.

Renewing an Expired Domain

The renewal process of expired domains varies depending on how much time has passed since the expiration date and the domain's TLD. To learn more, refer to our guide on How to Renew an Expired Domain.

Renewing Domains Registered Elsewhere

If your domain has more than seven days left before expiration, you can transfer your domain to renew it at Hostinger. Otherwise, the best course of action is to renew it at the current registrar and initiate the transfer afterward.

Renewing your domain in advance will ensure your website stays online without any downtime 😊

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