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How to Automatically Renew Hostinger Services
How to Automatically Renew Hostinger Services

Renewing Hostinger products and services automatically

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At Hostinger, you have access to the auto-renewal feature, which will save you time while ensuring that your services are always active.

To enable the automatic billing for your hosting plan, domain, or any other Hostinger product, follow these steps 👇

Step 1 – Add a Payment Method

You can start by adding a payment method to your account. It's automatically added after a successful payment if the used method is eligible, or you can add it manually at any time.

Step 2 – Enable Auto-Renewal

Once the payment method is added, go to the Billing section of your hPanel and click on the arrow (❯) next to the product you want to renew automatically:

The subscriptions page on the Billing section of hPanel at Hostinger

Next, click on Enable auto-renew:

The Enable auto-renew button on the subscription details page

That's it! From now on, your selected product will be automatically renewed before its expiration date by applying a charge to your added payment method:

  • 27 days in advance for domain names

  • 14 days in advance for yearly hosting plans or greater

  • 1 day in advance for monthly hosting plans

It's recommended to make sure there are enough funds on your payment method around the date of the charge to ensure your service can be renewed automatically.


  • If the renewal date is one day away or less, you will need to renew manually for this cycle. You will be able to enable auto-renewal afterward

  • The date of the automatic charge may vary

  • Some product renewals, e.g., domain renewals, are non-refundable; for more information, refer to our Refund Policy

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