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How to Update a Website Migration Request
How to Update a Website Migration Request

Updating the details related to your website's migration to Hostinger

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Depending on the status of your request, you have two alternatives to make changes:

Delete Pending Request

If any details have changed after requesting the migration, and the migration status is still Pending, you may delete the current request and submit a new one.

Go to the Migrations Requests page, locate the request in question, and delete it:

The Migrations Requests page showing how to delete a request

Then, click on Add request and submit a new website migration request with the updated details.

Updated Requests

If your migration started but was not completed, the status will change to Updated or Rejected. Click on More information to learn more about the reason for the rejection so you can take the required measures to fix it.

When the solution is ready, click on Edit to update the request:

The Migrations Requests page showing how to edit a request

On the next page, enter the updated details and click on Submit request. The migration process will restart.

If you require to migrate to a different website or change the type of migration, e.g. from WordPress to another control panel, simply create a new request 💡

Common Issues

Here is a list of the most common reasons why a migration could not be completed and how to solve these issues:



Incorrect login details

Double-check that the website login URL and credentials (admin username and password) are correct

Two-factor authentication is enabled on your previous provider

Temporarily disable 2FA until the migration is completed

Domain is already pointing to Hostinger

Point your domain back to your previous hosting provider and wait a few hours for propagation

Insufficient disk space to create backups

Delete unnecessary files on your previous hosting account, or upload your backup to a file-sharing service and provide the link on the updated request

Websites already hosted at Hostinger are not eligible for this process. If your request was rejected for this reason, you do not need to edit or create a new request. Instead, you can consider manually moving your website to another hosting plan or Hostinger account.

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