Based on what you are using to send emails (Hostinger Emails or Web hosting Emails), you will be using two different pages to manage your mail services.

If you are using Hostinger Emails

If you are using emails via webmail or email clients, to manage your email account’s mail services open Emails → domain name and click on ⋮ near the email account in question:

There choose Settings:

There are the following options:

  • Disable email account: fully turn of all accesses, like sending, receiving emails, and logging in to your account via Webmail

  • Suspend access: turn of logging in to your email account. You won’t be able to access your emails

  • Suspend receiving: turn off receiving emails. You won’t be able to receive any emails, but will be able to send them

  • Suspend sending: turn off sending emails. You won’t be able to send any emails, but will be able to receive them

If you are using Web hosting Emails

Your PHP scripts are using Sendmail service to send email messages. If you are using custom PHP scripts, contact forms or plugins, you can manage your account’s Sendmail feature. For this open Hosting → Manage → Mail Services Control:

Just click on the toggle and Update:

That’s it! Now you know how to manage your email mail services on hPanel 😊


  • Email services might be suspended if we detect your email account reaching limits, sending mass-mail, or having a spam-like behavior. If you suspect that your account has got suspended for mass mailing and mail services get disabled shortly after enabling them, please contact our Customer Success team, and we will help you out

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