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Hostinger Email: Troubleshooting
What to Do if Your Hostinger Email Account Is Suspended
What to Do if Your Hostinger Email Account Is Suspended

Troubleshooting disabled email services

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While using Hostinger Email, there may be a situation when your email service is automatically disabled and/or the status of your email account is Suspended:

The Manage Email Accounts section showing a suspended account

Usually, the main reason behind that is sending spam or similar malicious activity. If this happens, you can no longer send emails.

Step 1 – Fixing the Root Cause

To reenable the email service, you must first fix the root cause by applying these measures:

Make sure to follow all the advice given in the articles above attentively. Otherwise, your email service is likely to get suspended again shortly after you reactivate it 💡

Step 2 – Reactivating the Email Service

Once you consider and implement the above-given suggestions, you may proceed with reactivating the suspended Hostinger Email account manually to be able to send and receive emails again.

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