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According to Wix, connecting a domain purchased outside Wix is possible only for the Premium plan. So if you already have a Premium plan on Wix, you can refer to these steps on how to connect your domain.

To point your domain to Wix, you have two options: by using Wix nameservers or using A&CNAME records.

Option 1 - Wix Nameservers

Go to this page and follow instructions on how to find your Wix nameservers. Keep in mind, that the NS records may be different for you than those in the image. Please use the NS records that you see on your Wix domains page.

After you copied the values, you only need to change nameservers at Hostinger.

Option 2 - Wix A and CNAME records

Alternatively, you can point your domain to Wix via A and CNAME records. All you need to do is:

  1. Set A record in Domain’s DNS Zone

  2. Set CNAME in Domain’s DNS Zone

After you specify new DNS records, propagation will start, which can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate.

That’s it! Now you know two ways of pointing your domain to Wix 😊


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