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Pointing Domain to External Services
How to Point a Domain to External Services
How to Point a Domain to External Services

Pointing a Hostinger domain to external services or providers

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You can use your Hostinger-purchased domain with external services or hosting providers! To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Preparations

  1. First, check that your domain setup is completed. In addition, it is highly recommended to ensure that your domain is verified as well

  2. Collect the necessary process and DNS record values required by your provider to properly point your domain. You can find this information in their Knowledge Base, Help Center, community forums or through online tutorials and videos you can find using any search engine

  3. If your vendor requires preliminary steps, such as adding your domain name to their platform, complete them before proceeding.

If you cannot find the information on how to point the domain, contact your external provider's customer support for guidance 💡

Step 2 - Edit DNS Records

Once you have the values for the DNS records, edit them on your domain's DNS Zone. Navigate to the Domains section of hPanel and click on the domain in question, or click on the ellipsis button and select Manage. Then, open the DNS / Nameservers tab on the left.

There are a few different ways to point your domain, which may vary by provider. Expand the sections below for more information on each method:

Using Nameservers

This is the preferred method if you want to fully move your domain's DNS zone management, including email records, to your external service provider.

Follow this detailed guide on how to change your domain's nameservers (NS records): How to Change Nameservers at Hostinger.

Using A Records

This method is suitable if you want to keep using Hostinger nameservers and manage your domain's DNS records in Hostinger.

Before adding new A records, it is recommended to delete any existing ones. Follow this guide to update your domain's A records: How to Manage A Records.

If your provider instructs you to add a CNAME record for www, you can do so by following this article: How to Manage CNAME Records.

Using CNAME Records

Some providers only support pointing a domain through one or more CNAME records. Before adding new values, delete any existing CNAME and A records.

Follow this guide to update your domain's CNAME records: How to Manage CNAME Records.

If you're using external email services while keeping Hostinger nameservers, you may also need to update the MX and SPF records.

Step 3 - Verification

After making these in your domain's DNS zone, allow up to 24 hours for DNS propagation. During this time, you can experience brief interruptions for your website and email.

If your provider's instructions include additional steps, like verification, follow them once propagation is complete. If you encounter any issues during the final steps, double-check that the record values you entered are correct. If issues persist, please don't hesitate to contact your external provider's customer support for further assistance.

That's it! Your domain is now pointed to your external provider.

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