Email functions can seem quite overwhelming and similar at the same time, no worries as we will explain the exact differences between Catch All Email, Forwarders and Email Aliases.

Catch All Email - is a feature that allows you to catch any emails sent to the misspelled or invalid email addresses. You can read about Catch All Email at hPanel and cPanel here:

Email Aliases - can be created for separate email accounts, for example, you have an email account named sales@domain.tld and you create 3 aliases for it sales1, sales2, sales3, if your client sends you an email to one of these email accounts that email will be forwarded to the main sales@domain.tld account.

Forwarders - is a feature that forwards emails to another email address. Unlike an alias, you can forward an email to any email address (even not the same domain) as well the ability to leave a copy of the forwarded email in your initial email account. You can read about Forwarders at hPanel and cPanel here:

Note: Email Aliases are currently supported on our Email Hosting.

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