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Email functions can seem quite overwhelming and similar at the same time. No worries as we will explain the exact differences between catch-all email, forwarders, and email aliases.

What is a catch-all email?

Catch-all email - is a feature that allows you to catch any emails sent to misspelled or invalid email addresses (but correct domain name). For example, you have only one address support@domain.tld, but someone sent an email to suport@domain.tld. Normally, this message would be lost, but with the Catch-all email feature, you are able to receive any message that was sent to you as long as the domain is spelled correctly.

Hostinger Emails catch-all feature can be found in the Emails → domain name → Forwarders page:

You can read more about Catch-All on the different types of emails available at Hostinger here:

What is an email forwarder?

Forwarders is a feature that sends automatically all incoming messages from one of your addresses to absolutely any other email address (even from a different domain). You are also able to save a copy of forwarded emails. For Hostinger Email, you can find Forwarders under the Emails → domain name → Forwarders page:

You can find out all about forwarders in the following articles:

What is an email alias?

Email alias is a feature that allows you to set alternative names for your email account. For example, you have an email account named sales@domain.tld, and you create 3 aliases for it: sales1, sales2, sales3. If your client sends you an email to one of these email accounts, that email will be forwarded to the main sales@domain.tld account.

For Hostinger Email, you can create an alias at the Emails → domain name → Email Alias page:

See more about alias creation here:

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